Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monster Trucks and fun life :)

So this year I took Weston and Colton to the monster truck show with my family. The show is way too loud for Asher, and he is pretty picky about taking a bottle, so Rob decided he would stay home this year to Asher so that I could go to the show. We definitely missed him, but the boys LOVED the monster trucks!

All the videos are cute, but these first two are to die for. The boys reactions to the monster trucks HAHAHAHA

On another note, we finally dug a hole for the tramp! Rob's boss actually came over with a backhoe and dug it one night. The boys are loving the tramp, and the huge dirt pile that they now get to play with! 

And some other fun pics... just because ;) 

Friday, February 17, 2017

WINTER! Sledding, Baby Blessing, Shooting, and Lots O' Pics :)

Winter is always rough for this family, because we love being outside. This winter especially, because the snow fall and freezing temperatures have been killer. We've managed to still have some fun though!
Made an awesome snow fort with dad!

Took Asher Elk hunting with us HAHA

Got my first elk!!

Pretty much how I do homework all the time now

Rob snowmobing with the Coworkers in Ashton

We blessed Asher, and I forgot to take pictures. :'( By the time we got home he was hungry, so these were all we got. 

A very regular occurrence at our house :) 

Helping Neena cook

Feeding Olivia

Christmas Eve

So much Snow!!!!


He really did love it haha

Better pic of their snow cave

making snickerdoodles

Sledding! It took them both a few tries to decide if they liked it, then they both pulled a fit when it was time to go!

Baby got sick :( Bronchitis. He's finally feeling better, but we're still trying to get back into the normal routine.

Seriously the happiest baby I have EVER seen :)

Weston and his BB Gun :) 

We managed to fit all the boys in the back of the jeep, happy day! The boys loved getting to be outside again finally!