Thursday, September 14, 2017

~ Weekend adventuring ~

A few weeks ago we took to the hills and did some jeeping and exploring. We found an awesome like meadow area that stopped at to let the kids out and play. There were some GORGEOUS flowers around (that the boys kept picking for me :D ) and a small mud puddle right by the road. Well... you can guess what probably ended up happening HAHA

This is truly my favorite part about summers. Getting to be outside, enjoying nature with my family! Even with the random meltdowns that inevitably happen, it is so worth it to watch them learn to love the outdoors.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Westons Birthday & First Day of School!!!

How do I already have a 5 year old?! I just don't understand. I legit cried taking pictures of him on his birthday, because suddenly he is so huge. I just don't know how it happened! I know everyone says it goes in a blink of an eye, but really. Apparently it does.
ANYWAYS... Weston is 5! For his birthday we surprised him by taking him and Colton to the fair! They thought it was really cool! They loved looking at the animals, seeing monster trucks, and getting to do some of the ride. Poor Colton wanted to do all of the crazy rides but was too short :( We still managed to find some for him though! Afterwards he hung out at Neena and Poppi's house for a bit, and then did presents and ice cream at our house. He said it was "the best birthday ever in the whole wide world!" haha I love that kid.

He missed the kindergarten cut off by 3 days, so here is to the final year of preschool! His first day was just two days after his birthday. He has been so excited for school, and it was so cute to watch him! He has afternoon preschool, and was pretty sure he was going to die from having to wait so long! When I went to pick him up after he ran to me and gave me a huge bear hug and said "mom! It was the best preschool day ever! And my teacher is the nicest teacher that there ever was!!!" I would say it was a success :D  He's so excited to keep going, but is very frustrated that it's only three days a week.  ;)